Who Funds the DRDC?

Like new roller derby leagues, the DRDC is completely member funded and roller derby is an expensive sport. Each skater and ref is responsible for the cost of skates, pads, uniforms, and travel. In addition, the members pay for practice space, traveling to bouts, training expenses, and other promotions. The DRDC is actively looking for sponsors for the 2013 season.

What is the DRDC?

The Dark River Derby Coalition (DRDC) is the first women’s flat-track roller derby league in Quincy, Illinois. The DRDC is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization with the purpose of empowering women through sport. The DRDC is organized and operated with the goal of supporting the public by promoting the rights of women, children, and other vulnerable groups.

What Are We Up To?

The members of the DRDC practice at least twice a week at Scotties Fun Spot, as well as attending additional practices and meetings. The DRDC holds fundraisers to support their organization and volunteers at fundraisers and benefits for community organizations. They are working towards WFTDA apprenticeship with the goal of becoming eligible to compete against top roller derby teams across the nation.